fitura Powerimmune boosts your health the number one natural cold and flu remedy certified 100% USDA Organic by Quality Assurance International and EU EKO certified
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The potent blend of nature’s most powerful immune boosting herbs.

Powerimmune is an herbal extract of the 12 most powerful immune boosting herbs that in synergy create a very potent and uniquely full-spectrum support for the immune system.

Made with only organic and wild crafted ingredients.

The perfect size to always have with you, just in case. Keep one in your car, one in your purse, one for traveling light, and one to give to that friend you have been telling that they should try Powerimmune.

The perfect size for handling a single immune challenge, for when the going gets tough and you need a boost. Keep one in the medicine cabinet and your first aid kit so you can respond to the first signs without delay.

The perfect size for maintaining a healthy immune system. This size will last an adult one month at the daily recommended dose, giving you the best chance for avoiding immune challenges entirely.

The perfect size for maintaining a healthy immune system for the whole family. This size will last two adults one month at the daily recommended dose and gives the most value for continuous use.
Each size is available in two versions, as All Organic and as All Natural:
All Organic Powerimmune
Certified USDA Organic and made with only organic ingredients
0.3 oz / 9 ml 1 oz / 30 ml 2 oz / 60 ml 4 oz / 120 ml
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96% Organic + 4% Wild Crafted Powerimmune
Contains wild crafted Cat's claw bark, all other ingredients are Certified Organic
Save 20%
0.3 oz / 9 ml 1 oz / 30 ml 2 oz / 60 ml 4 oz / 120 ml
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Dec 2018 (all organic)
Sep 2016 (96% organic)

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Powerimmune Supplement Facts

Serving size: 20 drops (1 ml)

Servings per container: 60 (for 2 oz / 60 ml container)

Click on ingredients below for more information Amount per serving

A proprietary blend of: 1 ml

Organic* Echinacea Purpurea
Organic* Licorice (Latin: Glycyrrhiza Glabra)
Wild harvested Cat's Claw (Latin: Uncaria Tomentosa)
Organic* Green Tea (Latin: Camellia Sinensis)
Organic* Shiitake mushrooms (Latin: Lentinus Edodus)
Organic* Lemon Balm (Latin: Melissa Officinalis)
Organic* St. John’s Wort (Latin: Hypericum perforatum)
Organic* Olive Leaf (Latin: Oleae Europaea)
Organic* Astragalus (Latin: Astragalus Membranaceus)
Organic* Ginger (Latin: Zingiber Officinale)
Organic* Garlic (Latin: Allium Sativum)
Organic* Onion (Latin: Allium Cepa)

In a base of water and 58% Alcohol.

Suggested use


Power­immune is most effective when taken regularly, as a form of prevention. This way the body can steadily build a healthier immune system, something that cannot be fully accomplished overnight. Preventive usage is generally sufficient for adults at 20 drops (1ml), twice a day in between meals. At this rate one bottle will last 30 days. To kick-start boosting your immune system, take 40 drops (2ml), twice a day in between meals for the first two weeks.


Alternatively you can take Power­immune when you experience the first symptoms of a weakened immune system . But since these symptoms likely surface several days after your immune system has been weakened, you will need a higher dosage to catch up. Dosage for adults for reactive use should be 5 times daily, 20-30 drops, or 10 drops each hour. Note: if not taken preventively, taking it at the first symptoms is essential for its effectiveness.


We suggest you always contact your general physician or naturopath when considering adding food supplements to your diet, but you should certainly do so if you plan to take Power­immune when taking prescription drugs, some of the ingredients could influence their effectiveness. One of the ingredients, St. John’s Wort, is known to interact with various prescription drugs, in particular, it can interfere with various heart drugs and reduce their effectiveness. So check with your doctor if you can combine Power­immune with your prescription drugs and if you need to adjust the dosage of either one.

You should not take Power­immune if you're pregnant or if you are expecting to become pregnant, as some of the herbs are contraindicated with pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does it taste like?

Honestly, Power­immune is no sweet candy, and if you have seen the ingredients you understand why. Just imagine mixing garlic, onion, ginger and other bitter-tasting herbs, it is a spicy mix. But as Mike Adams “The Health Ranger” says, "you can taste the potency. Taste in this case is a good indicator of the strength—if a herbal extract (also known as tincture) doesn't have much taste, it probably isn't much indeed." Power­immune is a very dense extract, so when you taste it and can't help making a funny face, be glad you are tasting the potency.

What is the best way to take Power­immune?

The area under your tongue is exceptionally well suited for accepting nutrients into your blood (which is where most medications can be effective, riding your blood stream throughout your body), this is why many medications are prescribed as “sublingual” or under the tongue. And Power­immune is no different, but it is a very strong tasting extract so many people will prefer to not take it pure. You could also take it in a glass of water or juice; we think it goes great in tomato juice or grapefruit juice.

Where does the recipe come from?

Mike Adams “The Health Ranger,” nutritionist and prominent author of many books (available from Truth Publishing) and articles (available at and other sites), searched through over 400 books written by some of the most respected doctors, physicians, naturopaths and authors in the natural health community on his quest to find the best antiviral herbs, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Through this research, he was able to document the astounding antiviral capabilities of all varieties of medicinal herbs, including rainforest herbs, Chinese medicine herbs and Western herbs.

He narrowed the list down to twelve of the most powerful antiviral herbs he could find, the “Big Twelve” as he calls them. They're the most well-documented, the most clinically proven, the most aggressive antiviral herbs known to the natural health community. And they all do so by boosting your immune system.

The “Big Twelve” herbs became the basis for the Power­immune formula. We then balanced the ingredients to the ideal quantities to have the best synergetic effect.

Why is Power­immune made in The Netherlands?

There are many locations in the world that provide a positive climate for many of the ingredients of Power­immune, but what we found is that the environment present near the southern islands of The Netherlands provides a uniquely ideal combination of fertile soils, the right amount of sunshine and moist air from the ocean that creates the best conditions for these herbs to flourish.

All herbs on the farm are grown according to European Organic “EKO” standard and the entire operation is run with maximum consideration for the environment. For example, the farm building is constructed with natural insulation materials, flax seed oil-based paint, sun collectors provide hot water and heating, and rain water is collected for use where tab water is unnecessary. Power­immune is all good!

What is the shelf life, and how should I store it?

The shelf life of the current batch is indicated towards the top of this page, on the left, under 'Best used before'. Storage of Power­immune is ideal in a dark, cool and dry place, such as your refrigerator.

Does Power­immune contain gluten, wheat yeast, or sugar?

None of the above.

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