The Company

is a family owned natural nutrition company with a holistic view on health and a focus on you, our customer, to make a difference where we can.

We don't want to be yet another solution for a problem that has already been solved by other viable holistic vendors. Instead, we seek to make a difference where we feel others have left out or we can fill a niche with a unique product or formula. That's why you won't find a wide range of common products from us. What we provide we feel very strongly about and are convinced it will bring a unique and important addition to your well being.

At the moment we sell our Powerimmune. A unique formula that is being very well received by the public and has some recommending it for applications we would never be allowed to officially endorse.

The ingredients for fitura Powerimmune are mostly grown on a farm on the southern islands of the Netherlands, Europe. It is exclusively produced for and we distribute it throughout Europe and the United States from our office in Berkeley, California. Just place your order on this site and within days you will have one of the best all natural herbal immune boosters in hand.

We are a very customer focused and driven company. We believe our customers hold the key to our success, and with "our" success we mean the success of AND our customers. We take great pride in our openness and acessibility as a company and welcome all feedback and interaction with any one who is interested, customer or not.

We look forward to hearing from you!